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Spring is in the air, and we’re crushin’ on this fresh fabric! Linen blend is our must-have wardrobe addition for the new season. This breezy fabric is super easy to style and will deliver on comfort and coolness!


Why we love this trend:

1. Linen Blend is low-maintenance but serves high-fashion vibes. You don’t need to steam it until perfection (despite what your mum says.) It looks cool crushed—yes that’s right, embrace the flaws, girls. Effortless is best when it comes to this fresh fabric.
2. The cute co-ords, dresses, wide fit pants and flowy off-shoulder and wrap tops, are versatile af! Whether you’re at brunch or in need of a party ready look. Switch out your chunky sneaker for a strappy heel, add a bold lip and you’re good to go.
3. This fabric screams organic, natural, healthy living, and the lightweight, loose fitting styles make us feel free baby.
4. This trend is trans-seasonal! Whether it’s the peak of summer, or a chilly spring night, just add a denim jacket, and a cute baker boy hat and you’ll look cool (minus the freezing part.)
5. Hot Tip: size up babes—and don’t be precious about it! Sorry, it’s 2018, who even cares what size you are #RealTalk. This fabric looks good as a flowy fit, so don’t be scared to go up a size to achieve the look.

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