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Top Tanning Tips

ModelCo x Supre: Top Tanning Tips

There’s a fine line between looking tan and looking like you rolled in Cheetos—and we want to help you avoid crossing it! Tune in to our ModelCo Tan x Supre tutorials and get your bronze on!

1. Prep & Exfoliate

It’s essential to prep the skin correctly before you begin to apply any type of self-tan. A head to toe exfoliation is the first step in ensuring the perfect faux-glow application. Patchy, dry skin will not respond well to self-tan and will most likely to leave you wanting to cover up your tan than show it off!  ModelCo Tan Remover, is the perfect tool for this step. This exfoliating scrub smooths skin and removes old tan for the best bronze application, guaranteed.

Tip: Do all hair removal a day before applying your tan to ensure your skin isn’t sensitive This way your skin won’t be too sensitive and reactive to the tanning formula.

2. Rinse & dry

The best time to apply tan is within the first thirty minutes of showering. (Who knew?! We’re shook) Skin is super clean and absorbent, making it the perfect canvas to absorb the self-tan formula. However, make sure the skin is completely dry and free of moisture before application.

A common mistake is thinking that you should apply a full body coat of moisturiser before your tan. Moisturiser will actually act more like a barrier to tan, and won’t allow for the tan to properly take to the skin. Instead, dab rough areas of skin (elbows, knees, ankles and wrists) with a little moisturiser to avoid tan from building up in these places.

Tip: After applying your tan wear dark loose clothing to avoid staining lighter-coloured clothes. Also, avoid getting the skin wet and physical activities until your tan has developed.

To avoid orange palms and a streaky, uneven application, get in the habit of only ever applying self-tan with a mitt. ModelCo’s best-selling Blend Buffing Mitt is a reusable, water resistant self-tanning mitt that glides onto skin like silk. Start with the largest areas of your body first, the limbs, stomach and back and then use the residue product on the mitt to glide across the knees, elbows, ankles and wrists to ensure a natural, un-patchy finish.

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