CottonOn & Co. Perks FAQs

Account questions

How do I sign up?

You can sign up to CottonOn & Co. Perks online here, or head in store.

Does it cost me anything to join?

No, CottonOn & Co. Perks is a free program designed to allow us to thank you for your loyalty and reward you across our seven brands.

What details do I need to provide to sign up?

You will need to provide your name and a personal email address, and agree to our terms and conditions. We also ask for your date of birth, the brands you like and your mobile number, so we can send you a birthday treat and SMS reminders so you don’t miss out on rewards. But it's up to you if you want to provide them. You can add these details later if you change your mind, just click the Preference Centre link in the bottom of any CottonOn & Co email and follow the prompts.

Can I sign up without giving you my email address?

Your account is linked to your email address, so you cannot be a CottonOn & Co. Perks member without one. This is how we'll get in touch with any exclusive offers and how you'll receive your perks Payday vouchers. We recommend signing up with a personal email address that's not likely to change.

Will I get emails if I sign up? Can I opt out of emails?

You wouldn't want to opt out of CottonOn & Co. Perks emails, as they keep you up to date on your exclusive offers, events and most importantly, your rewards! You can, however, manage which brands you want to hear from via the Preference Centre, which you can access via the link in your emails.

Do I get an account? How do I change my details?

You don't actually receive a CottonOn & Co. Perks account when joining. This is different to setting up an online shopping account. You can update all your CottonOn & Co. Perks preferences via the Preference Centre at any time, which can be accessed via the link in your emails. If you wish to change your email address that is linked to your CottonOn & Co. Perks account, you will need to create a new account with your new email address and then contact Customer Service clearly stating your new and old email address to have these accounts merged. This ensures all your points and rewards are rolled over. You can contact Customer Service by sending an email to

How do I get my card?

You will receive a card immediately when you join in any of our seven brands stores. If you join online, a member card can be picked up in any nearest store from any of our brands. Simply ask one of our team members for assistance. Find your nearest Supré store here.

I have two accounts. Can I transfer my rewards from one to the other?

It is not possible to transfer rewards between accounts. Ideally, you'd earn all your rewards on one account so you can reach your rewards faster. Our customer service helpdesk can check which account has the most rewards on it for you. Just send an email to Please note, in line with our terms and conditions, customers are restricted to one CottonOn & Co. Perks member account per person.

How do I find out how many rewards I've earned?

Your points balance is located on the top of any emails you receive from us, as well as your receipts after purchasing in-store, along with your member number. Please note, if you have made any purchases or returns since receiving your email, your points balance will be different. Our Customer Service team can always check your current balance for you, simply send a request through to: You can also view your points and rewards balance online by visiting the My Account section via the top right hand corner of the website at

Can I transfer my gift or discount to someone else?

No, sorry. The gifts and discounts are our reward for you, so they cannot be transferred.

How do I contact the customer service help desk?

You can send an email to

How do I cancel my membership?

We'd love to keep you with us, but if you need to cancel, our customer service helpdesk can help you with this. You can contact Customer Service by sending an email to Or you can follow the prompts using the Preference Centre which can be accessed via the link in your emails.

Shopping questions

How do I earn rewards?

Cotton On & Co. Perks Members can earn points online at at,, or in any of our seven Cotton On & Co brands stores in Australia. You will be issued a $10 Perks Payday voucher for every $100 spent in-store or online across any of our brands. You won’t be able to see how many points you’ve earnt as you shop online, they are added to your account after your order has been shipped to you.

I've lost my card. Can I still get rewards for my purchases?

No problem. To shop online, make sure you use the same email address as your CottonOn & Co. Perks account. To shop in-store, let a team member know that you have lost your CottonOn & Co. Perks rewards card. They will be able to look up your email address for your purchase, and arrange a new card for you.

When will the rewards appear on my card?

All purchases made in-store are calculated at the end of each day, so any rewards you are eligible for are sent the next day via email. For online purchases, the rewards are allocated to your member account once your order has been dispatched from the warehouse.

Can I earn rewards on sale items and Foundation products?

You certainly can. You can both earn and redeem rewards on these items.

Can I earn rewards when I buy a gift card?

No, you cannot earn points nor use your perks Payday vouchers to purchase a gift card, but you can earn points when you redeem a gift card for products.

Does my rewards balance go down if I return my purchase?

Yes. If you return an item, those reward points are taken off the balance.

Can I return a purchase made using my CottonOn & Co. Perks card?

Yes, so long as you have your receipt and adhere to our Returns Policy.

Can I earn rewards when shopping in other countries?

Not right now. These rewards are just for our Australia friends at the moment.

Can I give my card to a friend or family member when they're shopping?

The CottonOn & Co. Perks card is linked to your email address, so only you can receive the rewards. Your friends and family can sign up themselves and earn their own rewards.

Voucher questions

What vouchers will I receive?

$10 Payday Vouchers will be issued once you reach $100 spend across our five brands. You will also receive a Birthday surprise for your birthday if you have specified your date of birth.

How and when will I receive my voucher?

Your vouchers will be emailed to you. The Payday Vouchers are emailed the day after you reach your spend..

Is there a minimum spend on vouchers>

You must reach a minimum spend of $20 before redeeming your Payday Voucher.

Where can I use my voucher?

You can use your voucher in any of our seven CottonOn & Co brands, either in-store or online.

Can I use my voucher with other promotions?

Yes you can.

I can't find my voucher, how can I redeem it?

Contact Customer Service by sending an email to to arrange a new voucher. Unfortunately we cannot look your voucher up in store.

My voucher has expired, can I still use it?

You cannot redeem your voucher once it's expired. We make an effort to send email reminders along the way, and the rewards from your next purchase will go towards your next voucher.

Do I get change from my voucher if I don't spend the whole $10?

Unfortunately rewards vouchers cannot be transferred for cash, nor can you split a $10 voucher between two separate transactions. You will need to spend the whole $10 in one transaction and reach a minimum spend of $20 to do so.

Why isn't my voucher working?

Our customer service helpdesk can look into that for you. You can contact Customer Service by sending an email to

Can I donate my voucher to the Supré, Factorie or Cotton On Foundation?

It's so great that you want to support our Foundations, but the CottonOn & Co. Perks voucher is just for you.

I have two vouchers. Can I use them both in one purchase?

Yes, you can use more than one voucher in one transaction both online and in-store, just remember to use them before they expire.